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The Pegasus Kan-Ban (2Bin) Inventory System Is A Strategic Concept Comprised Of High Density Basket Storage & Simple To Use Barcode Scanners or RFID buttons & State of the Art Cloud-Based Software.
  • Baskets are divided in half so that the front half is identical to the back half

  • Basket compartments have their own unique location barcode which is matched to an item in the database

  • Par levels are determined & properly set to match restocking schedules & are split between matching front & rear basket compartments

  • Supply techs only look for and scan the empty compartments Supply Techs scan, pick & restock up to 70% fewer items on a daily basis

  • If the front compartment is empty, nursing will always have supplies in the rear compartment

  • Wireless (WiFi) enabled scanners make it possible to have one person scanning & multiple people restocking supplies at the same time

RFID Kanban - pims 24.4.14
RFID Kanban (2-Bin) Inventory
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