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On this page, you can see our product gallery for the industrial field, click on a product for more information

Apollo Carts

Pegasus Medical provides a unique, diversified storage cart product line. A combination of different enclosures, depths, heights, and locking systems enables us to provide the optimum solution for any ward in your hospital or daycare clinic.


Ecoline is the ideal solution for your medication and hospital supplies management needs.

Ecoline drawers are compatible with any ISO 60-40 tray/basket. And most important, the position of the drawers, trays and baskets can always be readjusted


The Hygieia racking system was designed to provide the optimum shelving solution for areas that require the highest cleaning standards

Rack System

Clinicians need to quickly and easily locate supplies for better patient care and efficient operations.

Studies show that nurses spend at least 5-20% of their time on retrieving supplies.

Well-designed and implemented supply storage and inventory management systems can dramatically decrease the time spent by nurses on retrieving supplies.