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What's the magic behind Pegasus Storage Solutions? 
Everything is seamlessly compatible, from shipment to the end-user.
It's all
customizable and cost-effective, modular and incredibly smart for a "circular" use across all hospital departments.

Welcome to the future of storage department efficiency! 

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Iso6040 Rack

Hygieia line | Salus Line | Rack

ISO Baskets And Trays
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High Density Rack

Salus line

ISO Baskets And Trays
iso modules-08.jpg

Modules Iso 6040

Range of Modules Iso6040

Storage images website-01.jpg

Linear shelving

Salus Line



Range of custumizable cabinets

Storage images website-06.jpg

Open Transportation Carts

Salus Line

Storage images website-07_edited.jpg

Close Transportation Carts

Apollo line

Choosing antimicrobial soluitions is a pivotal step in enhancing the safety and hygiene of hospital facilities. Pegasus Medical recognizes the significance of antimicrobial polymers in hospital furnitures and their role in mitigating cross-contamination risks, minimizing nosocomial infections, and safeguarding patients and healthcare staff.

Pegasus Medical Concepts offers a comprehensive range of hospital carts crafted from 100% antimicrobial polymers, making hospitals safer and more hygienic.


Ensuring Safety and Functionality 
Every Corner of Your Hospital, Including Corridors
With Our
Hygienic-sanitary tools

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