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We would like to thank our partners and friends for being with us another year. It was an hectic one and a tough one!

Internally in Pegasus, we have gone throw major changes both in ownership and infrastructure, these changes were sometimes painful for us, as well as for you. It was done for purpose of creating a more solid base for future growth

Outside, the global economy has experienced a huge shake and the outcome, as you all know, was rising prices of raw materials, freight cost and extremely long lead time. These outcomes affected us well and forced us to struggle to try to maintain reasonable lead time and pricing

The effect is not yet beyond us, and I would like to ask you to consider this while planning orders and projects – please give us a heads-up, even before you have the project 100% secured


We wish you a happy new year, and a quiet one, from all of us on the Pegasus team 

Update No. 2

A creative and great solution from a US distributor that we wanted to share with you

Pass-thru cabinets designed and manufactured by Midwest Storage


Update No. 3

ECG cart with a flexible lead arm, allowing comfortable, easy access to the patient

The ECG cart is equipped with a working surface, an integral push handle, an adjustable leads arm, a power supply socket, and a barcode holder

ECG cart with a flexible lead arm

Update No. 4

Need a Seal lock for the Apollo cart? 

Now it's easy to install on any cart with a glass or solid door. Click on the image to see the installation instructions, and contact us for an order


Refresh your memory with existing products:

The Kanban slider tag is used as a visual signal solution for quick detection of empty bins in kanban based stock management storage systems it is an extremely useful signal both in manual stock management as well as software-based solutions


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