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Default Isolation cart

The Default Isolation Cart is traditionally marked yellow for easier identification. Yellow marking can be done instantly by adding yellow ergonomic handles, or by using a full-colored yellow drawer front.


The Default Isolation Cart has 3 10cm drawers, 1 20cm drawer, and worktop. can include isolation supplies like gowns, gloves, and masks. The cart can be quickly and easily disinfected using standard protocols and disinfectants



ISO6040 tray/basket


Ecoline is the ideal solution for your medication and hospital supplies management needs.

Ecoline drawers are compatible with any ISO 60-40 tray/basket.  And most important, the position of the drawers, trays, and baskets can always be readjusted.

The highest level of quality

Documentary video, showing the testing process that our products undergo, to maintain a high quality of products. Products for the medical field It is important that the products meet the highest standards

If you do not find this configuration right for you, we can offer you

Configure your own cart
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