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Premium Mobile workstation

The Pegasus medical Premium Mobile workstation incorporates extremely high storage capacity (10 drawers) with excellent mobility. This configuration is fully equipped with two key locks, IV pole, gallery Top, push handle, and tilt-bin holder. Accessories can be added such as glove box, cupboard stand, and drawer dividers to maximize storage space

Accessories included in the configuration


Waste Basket


IV Pole


Tilt-Bin Holder 2


2 X Key Lock


Worktop Gallery Top



ISO6040 tray/basket


Ecoline is the ideal solution for your medication and hospital supplies management needs.

Ecoline drawers are compatible with any ISO 60-40 tray/basket.  And most important, the position of the drawers, trays, and baskets can always be readjusted.

The highest level of quality

Documentary video, showing the testing process that our products undergo, to maintain a high quality of products. Products for the medical field It is important that the products meet the highest standards

If you do not find this configuration right for you, we can offer you

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