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Carrinho de isolamento padrão

The Default Isolation Cart is traditionally marked yellow for easier identification. Yellow marking can be done instantly by adding yellow ergonomic handles, or by using a full-colored yellow drawer front.


The Default Isolation Cart has 3 10cm drawers, 1 20cm drawer, and worktop. can include isolation supplies like gowns, gloves, and masks. The cart can be quickly and easily disinfected using standard protocols and disinfectants



ISO6040 tray/basket


Ecoline is the ideal solution for your medication and hospital supplies management needs.

Ecoline drawers are compatible with any ISO 60-40 tray/basket.  And most important, the position of the drawers, trays, and baskets can always be readjusted.

O mais alto nível de qualidade

Vídeo documentário, mostrando o processo de teste que nossos produtos passam, para manter uma alta qualidade dos produtos. Produtos para a área médica É importante que os produtos atendam aos mais altos padrões

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